Acerca de Mi

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    chill. I’m a little upset that I lost to somebody breaking their Sonic 06 disc, somebody saying they liked Tidal Tempests american music and somebody gluing Knuckles’ head and Big’s tail but I’m not going insane over this. I’ve never won a contest in my life and I’m fine.

  2. Johnie

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  3. Jenelle

    My partner and I have both dropped 20 pounds in the last two months, but we always try to split meals while at WDW. One of us will get a salad and the other will get an entree and we split both so we can get a well balanced meal on at least one meal. We always lose weight at WDW when we combine this with walking all day. Another calorie saving measure is we always try to have a granola bar while waiting for the bus on our way to the parks. That way, we ar7e1#82&n;t so hungry and we have a lighter snack when we get hungry later.

  4. Bobbo

    Ravie de ton retour, Bernard !A propos de potimaron, comment les fait-on cuire avec la peau ? Sous cloche au four (comme les podr-seme-temre), à la vapeur ?

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  11. Pablo

    Hola Iris: Un gusto ! Muy interesante tu trabajo y perfil. Quizás podamos trabajar algún proyecto juntos.Soy docente de comunicación en UDELAR entre otras cosas
    Te dejo mi mail para intercambiar.
    También estoy por mi nombre en linkedin.
    Pablo Lecha

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